Mercku makes the switch to more sustainable packaging

Mercku makes the switch to more sustainable packaging

Mercku steps up corporate social responsibility and makes the switch to more sustainable packaging.

We take the initiative to bear social responsibility and switch our product packaging into kraft paper material, reduce plastic use, and reduce unnecessary material to reduce carbon footprint and protect the environment. 


Why do we promote corporate social responsibility?

At Mercku, it is paramount that our users know that they can have peace of mind when it comes to connectivity and a sense of responsibility towards social causes dear to them when purchasing our products.

Internally, Mercku aims to empower all of our employees to leverage the resources at their disposal to drive positive impact. Every staff member on our team is working to bring the company's vision to life - leverage the most advanced technology building powerful smart-home products, to enhance daily life globally.


Why is sustainable packaging one of the most significant changes to implement?

As a consumer product-based company, Mercku M2 and M6 devices are shipped to over 24 countries worldwide, which means Mercku's presence truly has a global reach.

By adopting sustainable packaging and using biodegradable materials such as kraft paper instead of traditional materials, such as plastic or styrofoam, Mercku uses a creative design mindset to protect the product from damage during transportation while lowering our footprint. As a result, each shipped unit contributes to reducing landfill waste.


What can be called sustainable packaging? 

To be considered sustainable, a packaging concept should meet these four criteria:

  1. Materials are sourced sustainably
  2. Disposal options support recycling and/or composting
  3. The design is optimized for maintaining product quality
  4. The cost of production is feasible for long-term application


What is Mercku's approach to keeping our packaging sustainable?

The new, more eco-friendly packaging is made of recyclable and strong kraft paper. We've removed the plastic from the previous packaging inside the box and replaced it with a recyclable paper-based option to provide a sustainable packaging method and encourage recycling. 

Our designers have reimagined the packaging of the products and reduced the box sizes to reduce material waste without compromising packaging integrity.


We plan to roll out the new packaging version across our product line in the next few months.


What can you do to give the old packaging a new life?

Give the existing packaging a new life. Please reuse and recycle!

Tag us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and show us how you use your creativity to reuse and recycle your Mercku box to win 10% off* for your next order!

*We will select the top five creative minds to share an 10% off for your next Mercku order.


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