Why the Top "Life-Hacks" to get Better Wi-Fi... are Actually Nonsense

Why the Top "Life-Hacks" to get Better Wi-Fi... are Actually Nonsense


Tinfoil, pop cans, and metal hangers. Artifacts of a primitive civilization.

In ancient times (aka "the '80s") our ancestors often engaged in the strange ritual of retrieving a roll of tin foil before sitting down in front of the TV for the evening. To appease the gods of TV reception, Grandpa might have wrapped this foil around a hanger, closed his eyes and stood on one leg in the middle of the room, praying for a clear signal for his waiting family. When the family finally received the divine gift of a broadcast transmission they would gratefully sink into the couch to enjoy the bounty and prepare to repeat the ritual the following night.


Getting Good Wi-Fi Shouldn't Require an Arcane Ritual

Fast forward to our modern world of smart-homes and Wi-Fi where we've left these primitive rituals far behind us. Your Internet Service Provider gives you a box containing a modem and router, and you plug it into the wall of your house. Two hours later, possibly with a visit from a technician, you now have a reliable internet connection in your home. Great! Right? Not so fast.

Later that night you head upstairs to talk to Grandma on Skype. However, your internet signal isn’t very strong, the video chat buffers and pauses at the exact moment she is sharing her secret ingredient for those favourite childhood cookies. Having missed this opportunity to inherit a family tradition, you glare at your router. All your research lead you believe this Wi-Fi would be “amazing”. Your modern sensibilities give way to the ancient wisdom of your ancestors (or advice from a Youtube "life-hack" video). Maybe I can wrap tinfoil on that router? Extend the length of the antennas with a hanger or pop can? You try moving the router across the house by running 40 feet of ethernet cable over door-frames, duct-taped to the ground, and stapled to the ceiling. You look at the mess of wires and bent hangers and wonder whether we've evolved at all as a species.


Mesh WiFi - the Evolution of Home Networking

Before you start building a tinfoil hat for your router or stapling cords to your walls to get better Wi-Fi - stop. The point of Wi-Fi is to have fewer wires, not more. With the introduction of Mesh Wi-Fi technology, anyone can enjoy a strong and stable wireless internet connection in every corner of their house. Without resorting to any strange rituals (or "hacks" as they're called in modern times). Mesh Wi-Fi uses multiple access points spread across your home to make sure that your connected devices are always close to a strong signal. So unless you enjoy dancing around your house holding a wire hanger as a way to reconnect with the traditions of your ancestors, you're better off investing in a great mesh Wi-Fi system.

Mercku’s M2 Mesh WiFi system broadens your internet coverage by deploying our interconnected Queen routers and Bee nodes across your home. By plugging in between 1 to 14 of these mesh devices across your house (with coverage up to 25,000 sqft ), you can enjoy all the blessings of the Wi-Fi gods - with no strange rituals required!


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